Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Brown Sweater - The Front

Believe it or not, I have a post about actual knitting. Not about "I'd rather be knitting" or "hey, I've got nothing, how about that Ravelry thing" but actual knitting.

Last night I decided that I needed a break from work and resumed knitting my husband's sweater. I started to do the V neck part. I've never done a V neck before and it is a lot of fun. The two balls of yarn and the decreases make it just interesting enough to be a relief from that vast amount of plain stockinette that I just finished.

Here is a close up of the neck:

Hmm...I'm thinking that stitch marker is pretty pointless since the big gaping V should be a pretty good reminder of where the decreases should be. Must take that off.

In other news, my soon-to-be 4 year old decided to do some knitting this week. This is what she came up with. I think it shows great potential.


Maggie said...

You're knitting a whole sweater?! Wow! I'm totally jealous...I think knitting is so cool, but I am COMPLETELY clueless as to how to do it.

But your kiddo looks like she has been taking some lessons in that department - too cute!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit.

The sweater looks great so far.

I haven't knitted anything for around 30 years. I think it was because it is cheaper to buy a knitted item than buy the wool that stopped me even bothering.

Now too busy blogging to try LOL