Friday, February 22, 2008

Tilted Duster Portraits 2.0

So, here is the update on the Duster. It is out of time out. The skirt is all finished and just begging for a good blocking.

The third time was a charm and I have successfully picked up stitches for the collar.

And this is what I have left in yarn. Please say a little prayer that it will get me through the rest of the collar and seaming up the sleeves.

My goal was to wear it for my birthday tomorrow. That won't be happening (I may finish it today but it needs buttons which I don't have yet and a blocking) but I'm ok with that. I will be able to wear it during this never ending winter and that's all that matters. I think after this it is time to cast on some spring and summer knits and put the heavy wools away for a while.


embee said...

I like how you slyly mentioned that its your birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Firemanshunny said...

Even though it's late cause I just found your blog from Ravelry