Friday, January 4, 2008

My Very First Sock

That my friends is my very first knit sock. Looks pretty good in that picture but let's take a closer look, shall we?

Seems I had a little problem keeping my stitches on the needles. They kept slipping off. Maybe wooden needles would help next time? Maybe NOT knittng late at night or in the car? Ok, no need for drastic measures. I'll try wooden needles first before giving up precious knitting time.

And then there is the little matter of the toe decrease:

I had the right number of stitches but not on the correct I kept moving stitches around to get the correct number on each needle. And this was the result. Looks more like a snake head than a sock to me.

The parts I thought would be hard like turning the heel and sewing up the toe were in fact easy. I'm eager to knit another sock but I haven't yet decided if I should knit the mate to this baby or rip this one out. So, I think I'll start another pair while I think about it but first I will COMPLETE one of my sweater projects. More on that over the weekend!


embee said...

you're brave! my goal for 2008 is to try a pair of socks. great first try!

Diane said...

Wooden needles would definately help keep the stitches on. You can get some good bamboo pretty inexpensive. I'd say to leave the first sock as is and make another one. You're second one will be soooo much better.

Jen said...

Thanks Embee and good luck with your sock! It really was a lot of fun.
Thanks, Diane! I'm going to get some bamboo needles. It does make sense to do the second sock and then decide about the first.
Thank you both for comments!